Visiting Your GP During The COVID-19 Pandemic

From next week starting 15th June it will be compulsory to wear face coverings on public transport and in hospitals in England. Now, to protect patients and NHS staff, Derbyshire GP practices are to follow suit by urging patients to provide, and wear their own face coverings in surgeries as well as continuing to follow hand washing and social distancing guidelines. As per government guidance, exemptions apply to very young children, disabled patients and those with breathing difficulties.
Please wear a face covering when visiting Newhall Surgery whether that be for an appointment or any other reason. This will help protect you, other patients and our staff members. Face coverings do not need to be medical-grade masks but a scarf or a ‘homemade’ mask are acceptable.
Dr Susie Bayley, Medical Director of the GP Task Force said “We know it is possible to pass on coronavirus when you don’t have any symptoms. Face coverings protect those near you from the virus as my mask protects you and your mask protects me. Face coverings are not a substitute for hand washing or social distancing, but they are additional measure in the fight against coronavirus to protect ourselves and our loved ones.”
Dr Duncan Gooch, Chair of the Derbyshire GP Alliance said “We feel this step is necessary to protect our patients and ensure we have a clear and consistent approach across our county. The evidence supports implem entation of this public health measure now. Patients across the county will be contacted by text message and we thank them for supporting us.”
Evidence from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies supports face coverings as a means of reducing coronavirus transmission through droplet spread especially for those infected with coronavirus but not showing any symptoms.
The British Medical Association has also called for the extension of the wearing of face coverings to all ‘health, community and social care settings’.
You can find out how to make a low cost face covering, including options for those who rely on lip reading on the Derbyshire General Practice Task Force website.