COVID-19 and Vaccination Update

Key Messages from Derbyshire General Practice to our Practice

We would like to thank our patients for supporting us, we need to keep working together to protect the NHS for patients who need it. We are currently having to divert significant resources to the COVID vaccine roll-out and consequently general practice under huge pressure. Please help us;

  • 1. Think before ringing your GP; where possible use online services first.
  • 2. Do not contact your surgery to request updated about the vaccine roll-out. We will contact you when we have received and are ready to administer your vaccine. This may happen at different times for different surgeries, please do not worry, we know who is due a vaccine and in what order.
  • 3. Do not contact surgeries to request updates about hospital appointments. We do not have this information.
  • 4. Follow the self-isolate and test guidance if you have symptoms or are contacted by Test and Trace.
  • 5. Do be patient with all staff, everyone is doing their bit and working flat out.

We need to be open to deliver care to patients who need us

Think Hands: Regular hand washing, use alcohol gel if no water is available.

Think Face: Avoid touching your face and wear face-coverings.

Think Space: Keep 2 metre social distance.

Finally, it is important that you do not ignore symptoms that may need medical attention.