You can order your repeat medication online or via the Medicines Order Line.

Repeat Prescriptions

To order your medication, you will now need to either call the Medicines Order Line on 01158 550 260 Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:00, excluding bank holidays, or order your medication through the online service. If you do order your medication online and the service will not let you tick your medication, this could mean you are due for a medication review. Please telephone the surgery and we will be able to advise you further regarding this. Medication can be ordered 7 days in advance of the due date.

We will require 2 working days to process your prescription, you can then either pick up the prescription from the surgery or the pharmacy of your choice. Please notify the surgery of your chosen pharmacy by completing our online form.

Please be aware, we do not accept prescription requests over the telephone and we are not able to deal with contraception requests, this requires an appointment.

Some items may not appear on your repeat prescription due to clinical grounds. You can still order this item by typing what you require in the free text box on the online medication ordering service or by telephoning the Medicines Order Line.

Please do not order your medication online if you require your medication as an emergency, please call the medicines order line. 

Medicines Order Line (MOL)

When you order your medication through Medicines Order Line, they will ask you to check your medication supply before ordering. They will ask you to order your medication when you have seven days of medication left, if you have a build up of medication, please let them know so they are able to adjust the quantities so everything falls in line.

Emergency Prescriptions

The ordering of emergency prescriptions is monitored and will be recorded on your medical record.

If you require an emergency prescription before 16:00, you will need to contact the Medicines Order Line who will be able to arrange this for you.

Prescription Fees

View the cost of prescriptions on the NHS website.

You can also find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions.